The Enchantments

September 30th, 2009

I just got back from a three day backpacking trip in the Enchantments with my wife, Brooke, and buddy Andy.  The best part — not showering for three days and not caring about it.  The next best part though was the amazing scenery and jumping into a lake that’s so clear you can’t tell when you’re going to hit the surface of the water — you actually can’t tell there’s water there and it looks like you’re just jumping onto the ground from higher up than you should be.

The Enchantments are pretty amazing.  Lot’s of high alpine lakes and peaks all around 7,000 feet.  Carrying the 1D and a couple lenses definitely made my pack heavier than I would have liked, but similar to the alcohol we carried in, it was totally worth it.  As a side note, Andy decided to go with 100 proof vodka to get the most out of the alcohol to weight ratio — genius.

Make sure you look at all the photos after the jump.

Star trail over Lake Colchuck.  This was taken right from our camp spot.

Brooke hiking along.

Lake Colchuck.

Goats eating pee.  True story.  If you want goats in a certain spot for a photo, all you have to do is pee.  Just make sure you’re far away when you let loose or else they might charge at you.


Perfection Lake.

Prusik peaking up over the high Enchantments zone.

Sun setting on Aasgard Pass.

Just some stars.