An Evening With Chase Jarvis

September 1st, 2009

Not too long ago I got to spend a morning with Chase Jarvis — this time it was an evening event.  Actually, for those of us that hung in until 2:30am, I guess it was also another morning.  Nothing against the last event, but this one involved a private skate park shoot, a keg of Pyramid brew and some vodka you can only find in New Zealand (unless you’re Chase Jarvis and know the distributor), so I think it goes without saying that it was pretty damn rad.

The event was amazing — thank you again Chase for organizing it.  Also a huge thanks to Chase’s staff for hauling around all the Broncolor packs and other assorted ridiculously heavy gear, and most importantly — thanks to Mike at Innerspace and the crew that skated for us.  You guys were solid and worked your asses off.

After three hours of sleep and an hour-long power edit session this morning, here’s a few of my favorites from last night.  I may find more in the mix to post later, but I wanted to get these up while it’s fresh in my mind.  Thanks again to everyone.

More photos after the jump.

Bobby trying out his modeling skills.

Getting the timing right is a little easier when your strobe can keep up at 8 frames per second.  Shit is absolutely ridiculous.  Bobby is also a ridiculous skater.

Manuals for days.

Couldn’t really move the lights around since we were sharing them.  If you can’t move the lights, move your feet and try something different I guess?  This one is inspired by a recent Jared Souney photo, which was in spired by Tim Zimmerman, who was inspired by Cole Barash.

42 Below Vodka.  Shit’s legit, hard to find and makes for a good night.

Early into the morning, kicking back and watching some of the Songs For Eating and Drinking series with the man himself.