My New Lens

August 27th, 2009

I picked up a new lens yesterday and I’m really stoked on it.  It’s the Canon 17-40mm f/4L, which I’m replacing my 20mm prime f/2.8 with.  I love the 20mm but I’m really excited about the 17mm end of the new lens, and having a little more versatility when I can’t easily move my feet to “get the shot”.  I’ll live with the f/4 aspect of it.

Since I can never contain my excitement, here are a couple sample photos from it.  I feel pretty dumb about posting photos of myself in a mirror (isn’t that shit for myspace or livejournal?) but damnit, this lens is cool and that’s all I had time to shoot to try it out.  More photos after the jump.

Here’s the 17mm end of the lens (my 1D has a 1.3x cropping factor so it looks more like 23ish).

This is what the 40mm end looks like.

The soft-focus DOF effect isn’t as nice as the f/2.8, but it’s not bad.  You can’t get great DOF effects anyway on a wide lens.

My dog, Kona, approves.  I think.

Sorry again for the myspace-esque photos.  Next time I’ll have some more interesting photos taken with this lens.