Smith Tower

August 25th, 2009

Smith Tower in Seattle has alway caught my eye for some reason.  I can’t exactly explain why, but I decided to shoot some photos of it.  This isn’t the first time I’ve taken photos of the Smith Tower — a couple years ago I gave my wife (at the time, girlfriend) a photo I took of the tower as a Christmas gift — and it probably won’t be the last time either, but here they are:

There are some here I like more than others, and I almost just posted my favorites, but instead I’m going to take a page from my friend Shelby’s book and ask if anyone else has an opinion.  Now I know I have all of one reader, so this question is for you: Are there any here that you like?  Any you don’t like?  Why / why not?  I’d actually love to hear about the ones you don’t like more than anything.  I’ve numbered them to make it easier.