A Morning With Chase Jarvis

August 21st, 2009

I consider myself a pretty early riser, but apparently Chase Jarvis rises even earlier.  Maybe this explains some of his success?  Chase broadcast out a message to all of his followers on twitter and facebook — myself included — last night inviting anyone who didn’t mind getting up early to drop by his studio at 7am.  Shelby and I hopped on our bikes, rode through some gray, misty Seattle weather and showed up to meet Chase, a box of Top Pot donuts and a lot more local photographers (or not so local — some came as far as 7 hours away) than expected for that time in the morning.  Neither of us had any idea what Chase had in mind.

We ended up walking around as a group through Gasworks Park and Fremont, shooting photos along the way.  Chase was extremely generous with his equipment and had some on hand for us to use: a couple Nikons, a Hasselblad and a Broncolor mobile strobe, which was lugged around by a kind-hearted intern — serving as a human lightstand, not unlike my ghostbuster pack.  Afterwards, we all met back up at his studio for a little Q&A session.

All-in-all, it was fairly inspiring to hear what Chase had to say.  It was also pretty interesting to walk around with a huge group of people pointing their cameras at every damn thing you could think of.  You’d see a good photo, think it would be something unique, then turn around to see 5 other people all shooting the same thing from slightly different angles.  A bit strange, but interesting.  Here’ some super quick edits from this morning.  Thanks Chase!