You Shouldn’t Invite Me To Your BBQ’s

August 5th, 2009

I’m not a very good guest.  I’ve already rambled about my goal of showing up late — right when the meat is coming off the grill — in an attempt to eat while doing as little work as possible.  Well, it just gets worse.  I also don’t like to bring anything to contribute.  No beer.  No food.  Not even a lousy bag of chips.  Like I said, I’m not a very good guest.

On top of showing up late and empty handed, I will also walk around shooting photos while people are just trying to relax — preventing everyone from having a good time because they’re all too busy thinking about all dumb photos that could end up on the internet.  So here you go: photos on the internet of people at a BBQ.

Most of these were taken with my G10 and a $7 fisheye lens held in front of it.

Barry and Mario trying to ignore the fact that I’m pointing a camera at them.

Ryan Miller


My dog Kona.  Even dogs can’t escape my obnoxious photo taking.


Ryan Miller has a broken camera that he still uses to take photos.  He can’t frame a shot or see the outcome until he loads the photos to his computer.  He has an identical camera with a working screen but a busted lens that he uses to memorize how to change settings.  This has to be the result of some failed warantee scam attempt.