I Feel Less Creative Now. Thanks Spacecraft.

May 23rd, 2009

It’s always a little humbling for me to be around really cool art and the talented people that make it.  Last night, at the Spacecraft Gallery Stickersheet party, I got humbled.

I don’t normally like to carry a camera around at these types of events—how am I supposed to slap high fives and drink beer at the same time if I do?—but Steph asked if I would shoot a couple photos for Snowboard Canada’s site.  I decided my arm could use a good workout anyway, so I hauled my damn 1D around for a few hours, really limiting my high five abilities, and tried to take some photos.

Pat had a cool photo booth setup, as he usually does at these things, Ryan Miller decided that he would try to steal Duffy‘s job and wore the bunny suit around for a good part of the night, and some people bought art.  All the money went to the Bali School Fund for Kids, and all the beer went towards everyone having a good time.

Welcome to party town.

“How does this one make you feel?”  “I think it’s a little too postmodern…”

Silent auctions are classy.

I’m pretty sure these things were casting weird witchcraft spells or something on everyone who walked through the door.

We now own one of these guys.  Spending money is fun.

I think Spacecraft may have been going for a Harry Potter theme or something with the owl.  Or maybe it’s just me.

People could immediately see how awesome they look in photos thanks to Pat’s sweet setup.


The signs were really helpful in directing people to take photos or buy stuff…

… or to get drunk.

Hart (AGoodReed dot com) and Mario looking hard in an attempt to get chicks.

The Spacecraft bunny taught this kid how to properly conceal a 40.  Isn’t learning fun?