Back to Whistler

May 16th, 2009

Whistler is a funny place.  It’s a place where people will pack as many dudes as possible into a house—“That room would totally work as a bedroom for someone up to six feet tall.”—just to call it home.  A place where a case of beer will get you a spot on a couch for a couple nights.   And a place where the winter lasts just a little longer than everywhere else.

I just got back from a quick 32 hour trip to Whistler where I spent a day shooting some park stuff with Kumara, trying to make our winter last just a little bit longer.  It went a little something like this:

Thursday, 8:00pm: Pull into Whistler Village.  Meet up with Ku and head straight to Avalanche Pizza.  I highly recommend this place next time you find yourself in Whistler, and am forever grateful to Ryan who introduced me to it.  Head over to the house where I’ll be staying, case of Alaskan Amber in hand.  Relax.

Friday, 8:00am: Wake up, check the weather and get stoked because it’s sunny and warm.  Sit and watch Ku throw together breakfast and lunch for us.  Feel a little bad for not getting up and helping, but that soon passes.  Eat a mix of yogurt, granola, apples and flax seed that’s pretty damn good, throw the PB&J’s in my bag and head out the door.

9:00am: Go to the wrong base area.  Apparently the Whistler base area is shut down now and you have to upload from the Blackcomb base.  Head to the store to buy water and pretend like that was our plan all along to avoid feeling dumb.  Head over to the Blackcomb base.

9:30am: Pick up my ticket from guest services and hop on the lift.  The snow is still a bit firm so I toss my camera bag to the bag check lady and we take a few laps.

11:00am – 4:30pm: Shoot photos.  Kumara gets wild on some jumps, killing it as expected.  At some point I get annoyed with a filmer that decided the best thing to do while his athletes were lapping the jump was sit on the knuckle and read the newspaper.  Get scolded by Ku for messing up her positive energy field with my negative vibes.  Get hungry.  Get really hungry.  Start wishing I had some food.  Get reminded by Ku that there’s two PB&J’s in my bag.  Take a lunch break.  Shoot some more.  Break a toe strap.  Pack up my gear.  Download the last lift as there’s no more snow on the bottom of the mountain.  See a coyote.

Friday Evening (lost track of time at some point): Eat a burger at Ingrid’s.  Sit and people watch; even Kumara comes over to the dark side and starts hating on people with me—The award, by the way, goes to Mr. Hollister hoodie over his Hollister shirt while carrying a case of Corona.  Watch some YouTube videos.  Ride bikes around for a while.  Watch more YouTube videos.  Get forced by Kumara to watch a video of her dislocated elbow being popped back into place—I really can’t take shit like that, back to YouTube videos.  Sleep.

Saturday, 4:00am: Wake up to an obnoxious beeping sound that I slowly determine to be my alarm.  Pack my shit up.  Get out of Whistler and back to Seattle where I have a full day ahead of me.

Kumara warming up with a backside 180.

Everyone loves a good wallride.

She’s got her back 180’s on lock.

Front 3.  I’ll let Ku write the rest of this caption:

Indy over a cat track gap at the end of a good day.