Summer Choices

May 13th, 2009

With only two more days of shooting lined up this winter—a park day at Whistler and a build session at Baker—I suppose it’s time to start thinking of ways to occupy all my new-found free time.

Option 1

Head south.  Way South.  I’m talking about Chile.  Dr. Gillis, lover of all things snowboarding and, allegedly, Chilean strippers (although this rumor cannot be publicly confirmed), is headed that way.  Should I tag along?


  • Snow.
  • Flights are relatively cheap these days.
  • Hitchhiking to the mountain affords the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people.
  • The sunsets are incredible.
  • Snow.


  • Last time I was in Chile I got kicked in the mouth with a pen (this one is hard to describe, but resulted in my mouth being filled with ink and blood), stayed in a house with a gas leak, got some strange infection in my eye, and cased hard on my back after making a poor decision to enter a big air contest in order to ride the lifts for free.
  • My wife wouldn’t be too happy having me gone for multiple months.

Option 2

Hang out in Seattle, enjoy the Summer, and head to Mount Hood occasionally.


  • Sleeping in.
  • Getting to laugh at the fashion show that descends on Hood in the Summer.
  • Bikinis.


  • I have to find some new stuff to shoot photos of.

Looks like it’s Option 2.

Maybe you’ll see me around Seattle this Summer—Hanging out in coffee shops, updating the website and shooting some “Summer stuff”.  First on the list: Skate.

Ryan Miller and I headed out a couple nights ago.  It was a pretty short session but Ryan managed to get his finger bleeding pretty good and I may have laid in goose poop.  Awesome.