Somebody Pay This Girl

May 10th, 2009

If anyone is looking for a girl that can do handstands, is willing to ride her bike in circles until you tell her to stop—working harder than anyone you’ve met—and loves every minute of it, her name is Kumara and she wants to be your sports model.

Meet Kumara Kelley:  She likes riding her bike, long walks on the beach doing yoga on the beach, and Mexican food.  She’s also better than you at everything.  Seriously.  If you want to keep some of that self esteem of yours, don’t tell her about anything you’ve done that you think is cool—she’ll one-up your ass in a heartbeat.  I’m still working on learning this lesson:

“Hey Kumara, so I went sky diving last summer.  It was pretty cool.”

“Oh cool, I’ve been skydiving too but we did a back flip out of the plane.”


Seeing how she’s so good at everything, not to mention really photogenic, easy to work with and full of creative energy, she will make a great sports model.  Until she gets in with an agency, which shouldn’t take long, feel free to contact me if you want to get her contact information.

Kumara checking out the icecream boat.  I promised her I would get her icecream when we were done, and then I didn’t.  Maybe next time Kumara.