Parking Lot Portraits

May 6th, 2009

A good parking lot hangout has to be one of the best things about snowboarding.  It may actually be one of the reasons I like Alpental so much; well that and all the amazing terrain hiding in those hills.  Regardless, after a long day of riding, hopefully under blue skies and deep snow, there’s nothing I look forward to more than sitting in a parking lot, drinking a PBR, and hanging out with friends.  That wasn’t exactly the scenario on Sunday; no deep snow, not that long a day of riding- I think I totaled four laps- but the parking lot hangout was there.

Parking lot downtime has given me a good opportunity to shoot some portrait, “lifestyle” if you will, photos.  Now normally, I hate talking about camera gear- I think it’s boring and I believe the photographer takes the photo, not the camera- but I do need to mention a new camera I’ve been using that I think has lead to better, more candid, lifestyle shots.  I picked up a G10 a couple weeks back and it hasn’t left my side.  It doesn’t shoot quite as good a photo as my 1D, but it has one huge advantage: people don’t act as serious around it.  When I shove my 1D, big lens hanging off it, in someone’s face, they take notice.

Photo: Shane Treat (with his G10 by the way).  Here’s what I look like shooting with my 1D and a big lens.  This is serious business.

When I pull my G10 out and snap a couple photos, people take much less notice- and that makes a huge difference.

Anyway, here are a few parking lot snaps from Sunday, my last day of the Washington snow season, all taken with my G10.

Andy munching on a sandwich I’m sure he picked up from the Northbend Safeway.

Rigby is the official Lot 4 food hound.

Gavin does a lot of filming and is really into cats that have lasers for eyes.

Hart deep in thought- I think he was doing some serious soul searching or something that day.

Kumara- I really like photos of other people taking photos for some reason.  I should take more of these.

Well, that’s it for Washington Winter 0809.  Time to shift gears back into Summer mode.