Here Comes the Sun

April 21st, 2009

The signs are all there: goggle tans are in full effect; lunch seems to always involve drinks and patios; and BBQs are popping up everywhere.  Must be Summer.

Even though it’s really not all that warm yet here in Seattle, I, for one, am fully embracing this change in seasons.  Iced coffee is replacing my morning americanos, my bike is replacing the morning bus ride, and everyone can hear me coming from the sound of my new flip-flops.

Yesterday, we got together to BBQ- hot dogs and burgers were tossed on the grill, beers were cracked open, and good times were had by all.

Now that Summer seems to have officially started, I’m off find some sunscreen in order to lessen the shock on my poor, pastey-white Seattle skin.  Meanwhile, crack a PBR and raise a toast to Summer.  I know I will- probably while sitting on a patio eating lunch.